Experiential humorous account: “The most expensive beer of my life”

At the end of the presentation of the PiCaSo Route case at the San Miguel de Allende Cultural Tourism Fair, I was approached by a professor from the University of the Gulf of Mexico. “Your route is very interesting, Master Miroglio, I hope you agree to come next month to present it at our 1st Multidisciplinary Forum organized by the University of the Gulf in the State of Veracruz.” And that’s how last December 10th, I took the plane to Poza Rica to participate in said event. A committee of students welcomed me at the airport. After a pleasant journey through luxuriant vegetation, we arrive at the host hotel. Before my presentation, a renowned publicist from Monterrey passed by who spoke on the subject of the importance of the brand in tourist destinations. Then I presented my lecture on Ruta PiCaSo, as a case of tourism entrepreneurship in which 13 tips to undertake were released. At the Veracruz airport I ran into the publicist from Monterrey again and we started a very pleasant chat. After a short flight, we arrived at the Mexico airport to board our respective destinations, Monterrey and León. As we had an 1h30 wait, the publicist invited me to have a beer. Once at the bar he began to tell about his experiences and show me the photos of his many trips around the world on his Iphone. Between haha ​​and jojos, time passed. Suddenly very moved by these travel stories, I proposed to him to recite a wonderful text by the French writer Alphonse de Lamartine on the virtues of travel, taken from the book “The trip to the East.” And very passionate, I began to declaim “There is no man more complete than one who has traveled a lot, who has changed the way of his life and his thought twenty times… .the world is a book, let’s live, let’s see, let’s travel, the The world is a book that opens a page for us at each step. He who has not read any, what does he know? ” When I finished, the publicist replied “Ooooorale, how cool! And by the way, your flight? ” And I, removed from pain ”By the way, what time is it? “It’s 9.15 pm” “Chiiiiiin, my flight leaves in 15 minutes!” and I ran away terrified. At the counter, the boarding agent told me that the flight had already closed and that it was impossible to board. You can imagine my anger. To slap me. I sent a message to the publicist – with the secret hope that he too was running late and that we could share another beer … – announcing that I had just missed my flight. She replied “Do not stain as you think … I will.” And that’s how I ended up going to the North Terminal to arrive in León at 4.30 am, well grounded. That’s why “the most expensive beer of my life”.

Manuel Miroglio

PiCaSo Route: Report of a National Award

Escultura premioOne day we received a call from the Municipal Tourism Directorate of León followed by another from the Guanajuato Sectur to invite us to participate in the federal Sectur national call for the Diversification of the Mexican Tourism Product 2016, in the Cultural Tourism category. This distinction was created in order to recognize the initiatives that have contributed to the diversification and innovation of the national tourism product and to generate a greater attraction of tourists in the country’s tourist destinations.

Convocatoria Premio NacionalWe got into the task of preparing a file with the requested requirements in record time, explaining how our product was born, how it allowed us to value the local cultural and historical heritage, how it had been designed and developed under criteria of quality, innovation and sustainability. what had been its achievements to date, how it managed to create a unique experience for visitors, how it had contributed to the increase in visitors and the development of local businesses, how it involved the host community, etc … The file was reviewed with Municipal Tourism (¡ Thanks Karla López!) And the State Tourism Products Department (Thanks Daniel Meave!).

Then our application file was printed in a nice notebook format and delivered to the federal Sectur offices by Sectur Gto.

What was my surprise to learn that on April 15, 2016, my partner Carlos Ramos announced to me by a whatsapp message “Happy birthday, Manuel! “, Revealing to me that the Organizing Committee of this contest had just awarded the National Recognition for the Diversification of the Tourist Product of Mexico 2016 to the PiCaSo Route, in the category Cultural Tourism What pride for our tourist product, which from its beginnings has made an effort to disseminate in an experiential way the history and culture of the oldest and most representative industry in the city of León!

1900764_735385916486569_196320692_oWhat an honor for talented leather and shoe workers to see their know-how recognized through this Award! What a pleasure for all the MSMEs in the sector, students and colleagues from the UTL, media that supported us from the beginning of this adventure! What satisfaction for us, “prof-entrepreneurs”, to see the result of hundreds of hours invested in our tourist product of Leonese identity! What an achievement shared with all the allies with whom we have worked in synergy: CICEG, Sectur Guanajuato, Turismo León, OCV León, AMHML, Pasos Cultural León …
CeremoniaOn Thursday, April 28, the federal Sectur authorities handed over Carlos Ramos, Ignacio González and a server, accompanied by Gloria Cano, the General Director of Municipal Tourism of León, and Fernando Olivera Rocha, the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Guanajuato, this national recognition within the framework of the Guadalajara tourist Tianguís 2016.
GanadoresdeGtoAnother pleasant news that day, to learn that the State of Guanajuato was the most awarded of all by receiving 3 of the 11 national awards granted, with the Nopal Circuit in the Gastronomic Tourism category and the Rosewood Hotel in the Luxury Tourism category, confirming thus its leadership in promoting the creation of innovative tourism products that allow discovering the Cultural Destination of Mexico through original and enriching experiences.

In summary: Faith in our tourist product of local identity, vision, sweat, determination, passion, synergy and teamwork were essential to achieve this great distinction that honors the motto of our city of León “Work wins everything” and of our state “Gto, pride and commitment of all”. Thank you Saint Crispin and Saint Crispiniano for watching over the destination of Ruta PiCaSo …

Manuel Miroglio


Reflection on fashion: What we “acc-fashion”

Gallitos Footwear: An example of a fashion trend, the “ethnic-chic-artisan”

Fashion is everything that we elevate to the category of identity, by putting up a garment, an accessory or detail on the body and that has to be reissued to the world of everyday looks, to that world called fashion we will enter as part of this rule of dressing every day. If, by placing the garment, we are able to convince the mirror, we will be in the alignment of security, that security that is projected with the step taken.

The sale of articles and variety has become more of a consumer trend than a necessity. Marketing with its stamp of creating something “necessary” and then returning to the endless spiral of dressing by public consent rather than the genuine desire to dress. That in the first place. The reality is that under the budget we have we can dress with a selection – although it is limited in the closet – very well. It all depends on the glass you look at and where you go. The options for living with fashion are varied and vast. The way we dress speaks so much about us that it could make the projection of the personality, but there are no special formulas or designations that tell us about the perfect, then we go to the terrain of the insufficient, of the tendency to improve, a desire, an aspiration.

Animal Exotic Bags: Leather engraved with pre-Hispanic motifs

That is why at the time of dressing it is not only a pretense, but a whole lifestyle, the very idea of how to present oneself socially and before one’s own gaze approve to avoid the blackmail of “it looks good” or “it looks bad” from the perspective of third parties. This is the conviction of someone who knows about himself consenting without further judgment, only the fact of being, beyond the requirement of the rules of civility and “good taste”.

Going to the office or any occasion deserves our full attention before leaving home. What we wear at the end is what gives us the reflection, at the end what really accommodates is what we take to turn the world in which we dress with the look of appearance in its very essence.

Ignacio Gonzalez

Director of Linking Route PiCaSo

“On foot for culture” in La Perla del Bajío: León, Gto


During three Sundays last September, the Cultural Institute and the Directorate of Tourism of León invited its inhabitants and visitors to discover its new tour “On foot through culture” to experience a good bite of the tangible and intangible heritage of the city on the themes of Heritage, Art and Taste. In prelude to World Tourism Day, I decided to tour it with my wife. We did not expect that a good part of the downtown PLAZA GALLOSstreets were going to be closed for the León Marathon and that is why we arrived with our tongues out at the starting point of the tour: Plaza de Gallos. We learned from Patricia González, coordinator of the Plaza de Gallos for the Cultural Institute of León, that this imposing building with a neo-

Classic, built in the middle of the 18th century and currently undergoing restoration by the INAH, it had several functions over time. It started as a house-room to later become a hotel for the aristocracy and finally an art school. It was also a place for games and wrestling and served as a political and artistic scene. It is in this unique place in the country that the soprano Angelica Peralta Castera once performed “The Mexican Nightingale”, Porfirio Díaz’s favorite singer. In 1797 cockfights began to be organized in this enclosure, hence its current name. Its great arches, monumental stairways and spectacular Roman forum bear witness to a bygone glow.


Then, in the company of the cultural promoter Sergio Campos Orozco, we visited the former municipal jail that has now become the MIL (Museum of Leonese Identities). This magnificent building from the time of the Viceroyalty also had several functions throughout its existence: a nursery, a tithe house, a municipal jail, a public library, offices of the Cultural Institute of León, a school of fine arts and now a museum.                      CARCEL INTERIOR            Our host showed us the different rooms and their past vestiges such as their massive mesquite wood doors or the bullet holes in the fireplace, witnesses to the episode of the liberation of the prisoners by General Navarro in 1911. An interesting interactive exhibition shows the universe prison and some famous people who knew the prison.


CASINO2In the company of our guide Diego Martínez Lemus, we reached the Zócalo known as La Plaza de los Mártires where we could see the Municipal Palace and the wonderful Gothic façade of what was the Spanish Casino that was in operation between 1906 and 1960. It is said that José Alfredo Jiménez was inspired by this place to compose his famous song “Caminos de Guanajuato” referring to León that “life is wagered here”. LEON

We passed the twin houses of the Leonés Circle, the first civil association founded in León that was both a social club for high society and a home for victims of the great floods that the city experienced. Two finely sculpted lion faces proudly adorn the façade.

Later, we admire the façade of the Manuel Doblado theater with its majestic French neoclassical portico designed by the architect José Noriega, whose construction began in 1869 and which would be the first in a series of majestic theaters created by the same architect, even before than the Juárez theater in Guanajuato capital.



We then walk to Luis Long’s house-room built in 1850 and which is today the León Music School. Adrián, our host, introduced us to this famous English character who designed a great variety of notable buildings in the city of León, among which are the Model School, the clock of the

Cathedral Basilica of León, the Barón y Morales bridge, the Casa Madrazo and the Edificio de la PLUIS LONGrimavera, among CASA LONGothers. Luis Long was an outstanding self-taught architect-engineer who, after having practiced his profession as a watchmaker in Mexico City, reached the age of 23 in the city of León to stay permanently. His house-room looks like a medieval castle tower where he had his watchmaking and astronomy workshops.




plaza catedralAlready in the Plaza Catedral we could admire the bronze mural by the sculptor José Arturo Tavares Padilla that depicts the first economic activities of León from its foundation on January 20, 1576: First livestock and agriculture, followed by tannery, shoe store and rebocería. Today, 70% of the national footwear production comes from León and Mexico is the ninth largest producer of this finished product in the world, which is the pride of its inhabitants.

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The Exciting Soccer Route in León

“Hell and heaven are not in the afterlife, they are on the field and only last 90 minutes” Juan Villoro


Credit: Carlos Ramos Montes

Football is a social phenomenon that moves hearts the most, it is an activity that unites peoples, it is a business, a banner of all economic strata that attend the stands to drink a barley with hops or the private box accompanied with whiskey on the rocks , awakening the most alienated of the screaming without giving way to indifference. The city of León is the right place where you can glimpse a unique love for its color, fidelity and permanence in the face of any attack from its professional team. For this reason, a Route has arrived that gives meaning not only to the Fair, but to the history and present of this universal sport.


This experience aims to give an internal look at the creative processes of football, from the making of the ball by hand, passing through the epic Museum of Union of Tanners. It is the glimpse into the fascinating world of football history from the year 1920 to our times.


This tour begins at the León Soccer Stadium with the sculpture the “ARROJO”, a figure of a goalkeeper throwing himself for a ball, a work created by the sculptor Ricardo Motilla, who already has experience in monuments of the city such as the “Victoria Winged ”; then on the way you can visit the “Arco de la Calzada” to meet the Master Craftsman Juan Manuel Villanueva who will hand-sew leather balls.


Then it continues with a visit to the five world cups, Mr. Antonio la “Tota” Carbajal in the San Juan de Dios neighborhood giving an explanation in his style of success, failures and teachings that as a professional footballer and technical director gave him the impetus to excel and be an example to new generations.


An interesting visit to a traditional “pica” follows, where you will be able to observe all the stages of handmade manufacture of the high quality SIMONI studded footwear.inicio6

In the round, we will visit the Museum of the Union of Tanners, the founding soccer team in this city, sharing a rich talk with its President, Mr. Antonio Galindo, who will take us from the origin of his amateur days and the passion of having conquered a series of titles nationwide. There we will enjoy a delicious cebadina, the typical drink of León, with the company of a macaw, the famous original dish of our city.inicio7inicio8

Why a Soccer Route in León?

Because it represents Leon’s identity, it takes a turn on the deepest affections at the root of its customs, its color and popular expressions. The encounter with those soccer heroes tells of a story that must be told and what better vehicle than Soccer Soccer, the quintessential ambassador of the city and its social dynamics. Showing León de los Aldama with a friendly, picturesque face and with an exquisite flavor of who we are, a cosmopolitan community open to the world that, with the work of its PEOPLE, conquers everything.


Ignacio González Cervantes                                                                                                                                                              Director of Route Linkage


Leather, footwear and hat tour

Green Jazz & Bespoke Shoes Night

Ruta PiCaSo joined the “Earth Hour” global campaign on Saturday, March 24, 2018, promoted by the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Guanajuato, organizing its event in León, Gto, the “Green Jazz & Bespoke Shoes Night” at which was attended by a score of people to listen to the saxophonist Antonino Ayala by candlelight, in the nighttime atmosphere of the colonial house of the signature shoe workshop Atelier Amareto, enjoying a rich tasting of regional wines and fine tapas.

Hora del Planeta


Relive this unforgettable special moment through the following videos!