Reflection on fashion: What we “acc-fashion”

Gallitos Footwear: An example of a fashion trend, the “ethnic-chic-artisan”

Fashion is everything that we elevate to the category of identity, by putting up a garment, an accessory or detail on the body and that has to be reissued to the world of everyday looks, to that world called fashion we will enter as part of this rule of dressing every day. If, by placing the garment, we are able to convince the mirror, we will be in the alignment of security, that security that is projected with the step taken.

The sale of articles and variety has become more of a consumer trend than a necessity. Marketing with its stamp of creating something “necessary” and then returning to the endless spiral of dressing by public consent rather than the genuine desire to dress. That in the first place. The reality is that under the budget we have we can dress with a selection – although it is limited in the closet – very well. It all depends on the glass you look at and where you go. The options for living with fashion are varied and vast. The way we dress speaks so much about us that it could make the projection of the personality, but there are no special formulas or designations that tell us about the perfect, then we go to the terrain of the insufficient, of the tendency to improve, a desire, an aspiration.

Animal Exotic Bags: Leather engraved with pre-Hispanic motifs

That is why at the time of dressing it is not only a pretense, but a whole lifestyle, the very idea of how to present oneself socially and before one’s own gaze approve to avoid the blackmail of “it looks good” or “it looks bad” from the perspective of third parties. This is the conviction of someone who knows about himself consenting without further judgment, only the fact of being, beyond the requirement of the rules of civility and “good taste”.

Going to the office or any occasion deserves our full attention before leaving home. What we wear at the end is what gives us the reflection, at the end what really accommodates is what we take to turn the world in which we dress with the look of appearance in its very essence.

Ignacio Gonzalez

Director of Linking Route PiCaSo

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