Video testimonial of 2 tourists from Mexico City and the United States. September 10, 2020

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“I usually like to be on my own while touring but in the case of industry it is necessary to follow a guide if only for efficiency. I have had similar tours in Tillamook (cheese) and Torino (Fiat autos). This is different. This is personal. It is close to your skin. It’s your feet. This tour is wonderful because you get a chance to talk to the people doing the work/craft. I have new found respect for the cow and its skin, especially after the first stage where you witness the tanning which is physical, odoriferous and very wet. I wish I had done more purchasing. Now I am away from León I would like a pair of shoes and a few bags. Manny is a lovely, articulate, passionate, entertaining fellow who knows his shoes and bags. He is a salesperson, not in goods but in respect for craft. You will love your tour and so will your feet!”  Comment from Daniel Hogan, New York